FAQs: Wash Mitt

The STYLPRO Bath Wash Mitt is from a blend of 95% organic cotton and 5% hemp.

Yes, the STYLPRO Bath Wash Mitt is registered with the Vegan Society and made from naturally organic ingredients.

Either hand wash, or place the used wash mitt in a washing machine at 40°C with a detergent of your choice. Let air dry.

Apply your favourite soap or shower gel directly onto your wet skin or the mitt. Insert your hand in to the mitt and rub the mitt back and forth along your skin to create a rich lather. Apply more pressure for gentle exfoliation. Rinse the soap away using water. After use, squeeze out excess water.

The STYLPRO Bath Wash Mitt is made from naturally organic, eco-friendly ingredients. It is also reusable and can be added to your load of washing to clean.