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StylPro is a revolutionary device which is proven to clean and dry makeup brushes in seconds.

"OMG - it will blow your mind! It’s a really, REALLY good product... absolutely amazing... works every time!"

Wayne Goss, international makeup artist
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Stylfile is a range of manicure and pedicure tools featuring the unique S-shape design.

"Mimics the natural curve of the nail for effortless ‘just stepped out of the nail salon’ talons."

London Beauty Queen blog
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Stylfile Gel Polish Remover range is proven to remove gel nail polish without thinning the natural nail.

"You can have healthy, amazing-looking nails post gel polish."

Jenny Longworth, nail technician to the stars
Latest from the StylPro Blog...

"...I'm extremely impressed...this one is fantastic..." social media star, Sasha Malik

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Latest from the Stylfile Blog...

TV personality Rylan "Genuinely impressed" with Stylfile

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Latest from the Stylfile Gel Blog...

Mind the gap! No time to get to the salon for gel polish removal?

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