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"Waaaaa!! I hate cleaning my makeup brushes!...I would definitely recommend it..."

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Thanks to the Patent Purple Life, 'beauty addict and self confessed cosmetics hoarder' on her 'Tools of the Trade' blog review of StylPro.

"...Every Sunday you will see Instagram posts from people says ‘Waaaaa!! I hate cleaning my make up brushes’! I actually enjoy this process. I own a lot of brushes but as with my wardrobe I have about fifty percent of them in rotation.  Some are expensive.  Some are very cheap, all are functional and  while some get spot cleaned after use but all get properly cleaned on a weekly basis...

"With the StylePro Brush Cleaner you can sanitise and dry your brushes in super quick time...No more putting brushes on a towel on the ledge, no more waiting for brushes to dry.

"I have used this on both mine and my sister’s brushes.  Brushes of all shapes and sizes, bristle types and price ranges....This is a great bit of kit.  It certainly speeds up my brush cleaning time and my hands are not suspended in water...if you have alot of brushes I would definitely recommend it.

You can read the full review here.

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