The ultimate guide to makeup brushes

The ultimate guide to makeup brushes


There are so many makeup brushes out there, knowing which one to use for what can be confusing, fear not, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide on choosing the right brush:

Brushes for your face…

From applying your foundation to contouring, these popular face brushes should have you covered.


 Foundation Brush

Looks like: Fairly flat and quite broad, usually with a rounded tip.

Used for: The application of liquid foundations on the face, into the contours of the nose and over eye sockets.

How to: Dab your foundation onto your face and then use the brush to blend it out from the centre of the face, outward. The foundation brush traditionally is the hardest to clean due to the oils in the makeup, we’d recommend using our cleanser solution with the StylPro which will cut through the oils making cleaning your foundation brush a breeze!


Powder Brush

Looks like: Big and fluffy with a slightly rounded top.

Used for: Applying any powder products over the face or finishing your makeup with a type of translucent powder.

How to: If you want to set your makeup, simply tap over the face or use it to apply blusher over the cheeks.


Contour Brush

Looks like: Fluffy with an angled tip.

Used for: To apply powdered bronzers or types of contour powder along the hollows of your cheeks.

How to: To contour like a pro, use it under your cheekbones in sweeping strokes then to define your face go over your temples, and under the jawbone.

Concealer Brush

Looks like: Flat and firm and usually tapered at the top.

Used for: Applying concealer to specific places. 

How to: Dab your concealer onto the problem area then use the brush to blend it. 


Fan Brush

Looks like: Simply – a fan with flared out bristles.

Used for: To clean any excess powder or eyeshadow under the eyes or to apply powder blush or contour along the cheekbones.

How to: Just lightly use it backwards and forwards to dust products over the face.


Brushes for your eyes…

Want to create the perfect smokey eye? Then you’re going to need these tools.


Eyeshadow Brush

Looks like: Bristles will be soft, tapered and packed tightly.

Used for: Applying your eyeshadow along the creases and lids of your eyes.

How to: Use it on cream or powder eyeshadows, just simply sweep over your lids.

Blending Brush

Looks like: Large and fluffy with a pointed tip.

Used for: Blending different eyeshadow colours together to prevent unattractive hard lines.

How to: Use it to soften any harsh lines caused by your eyeshadow brush. This is one brush that needs to be cleaned every time you use it so of course we would definitely recommend you use the StylPro makeup brush cleaner and dryer.


Brushes for your brows…

Insta-worthy brows are big this season so make sure you know how to apply.


Brow Brush

Looks like: Bristles that are densely packed and angled.

Used for: Filling in your eyebrows with gel or powdered products.

How to: Dip it into your chosen product and then carefully apply it to your eyebrows.


Brushes for your lips…

To get the perfect pout, all you need is a lip brush.


Lip Brush

 Looks like: A small fine brush with a rounded square tip.

 Used for: Making sure your lipstick application is precise and defined.

 How to: Coat it in the lipstick of your choice, remove any excess on the back of your hand and then fill in your lips.


Now you're in the know, what are you waiting for? ... 


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