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Jelly Blues Blog "I ABSOLUTELY love this product, it without doubt has become such a necessity in my life..."

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Thanks so much to beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger, Jess at Jelly Blues Blog for her great review on StylPro.

Before cleaning with StylPro

"Since using this each and every time that I’ve cleaned my brushes, I have found to ABSOLUTELY love this product, it without a doubt has become such a necessity within my life – I honestly don’t know how I managed without one of these before! As this saves SO much time and effort, it literally cleans a dirty, make-up embedded brush AND dries it within 60 seconds!!! I just can’t quite express how good this product really is.. but what I can say is that before purchasing this my Urban Decay Optical Blurring brush was gross, I mean it wasn’t dirty but it was definitely make-up embedded and stained. Nothing I did seemed to touch it, the bristles were a light orange in colour and that was that. Then, as if by magic! I used my StylPro Make-Up Brush Cleaner to clean this brush and it literally cleaned it back to the appearance it was when I first purchased the brush! Yes, this has one or two faults but honestly I could not recommend this product enough to those of you who love make-up, who like to invest your money into beauty products or for those of you who just like a gadget!...

"...As for the brush cleanser (which you use a cap full of each time), I have found on average it cleans around 15 brushes before needing to be changed to fresh. I personally would be happy to repurchase this product as it leaves my brushes VERY clean and smelling hygienically fresh..."

After cleaning with StylPro

The Jellybluesblog video review

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