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Australia’s biggest beauty blogger says “I will 100% use this every time I wash my brushes!”

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She's Australia's biggest YouTube success and when Lauren Curtis (@lozcurtis) speaks, people listen.

At just 24 she's got 1.5 million followers on Instagram, over 2.2 million on Facebook and  3.6 million on her channel. That's a whole lot of influence.

Here’s what she had to say this week about StylPro in her YouTube video.

“This one took me by surprise. I have to admit I was a little bit sceptical before trying it.  BUT, this is something I will 100% use every single time I wash my brushes. The main and No. 1 reason why this thing BLEW MY MIND, and I’m being 1,000% honest here, is the fact that it literally, completely dried my brushes in about 5-10 seconds. And if you guys have washed your brushes before, you know that is the longest part of the process. I usually have to leave my brushes overnight, sometimes for longer than that for my bigger, more dense brushes. I was SHOCKED! I touched it and I was like, this is literally almost brand new, this feels brand new – there was not one little bit of moisture in there. And that is crazy to me.”

Lauren went on to say about the cleanser solution, “For concealer, foundation, oil based products, the StylPro Brush Cleanser does a really, really good job and leaves them literally brand new – it’s awesome.”

You can watch Lauren’s full YouTube review here.

StylPro is available in Australia at Shaver Shop and

Thanks Lauren – so glad to hear that you are loving StylPro.

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