APRIL FOOL - Stylfile launches World's first nail file to only file in one direction

Stylfile the company behind the iconic 'S' shape nail file, today launches the world's first nail file to only work in one direction. The file, cheekily nicknamed the 'Harry' by Lord Sugar in reference to the One Direction singer Harry Styles, prevents the age-old problem of sawing, which can lead to nail cracking and breaking. The file uses the revolutionary FLORIA-POL technology developed by Stylfile, so each abrasive particle on the file s angled at 65% so they can only cut in one direction. The slanted abrasives are then coated to ensure that as the file is sawed back the file smoothly passes over nail without catching, cracking or damaging the nail. The Stylfile One Direction's revolutionary technology allows you to create the most fantastic nail shapes without damaging the nail. What nail shape have you always wanted? What shape will you create? Tom Pellereau, Apprentice Winner and inventor commented, "As a leader in the nail care market, we wanted to create a revolutionary new file to prevent the dangers of filing in two directions or 'sawing'. Our 'Harry Styles-File', only files in one direction to give you the best nails ever. What shape will you create. "
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