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STYLFILE Curved Buffer

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The STYLFILE curved buffer makes polishing your nails quick and easy!

The curved design of the STYLFILE buffer follows the curve of your nail and the built in Under-nail skimmer and Cuticle pusher mean you'll nails will be looking great in no time at all.

EAN: 5060288330010

How it works

With 4 different buffing steps, cuticle pusher and under-nail skimmer, the STYLFILE Curved Buffer has all you need for hygienic and healthy-looking nails in no time. Rid of those ridges and round your tips with STYLFILE.

Benefits and features

⭐Makes polishing nails easy
⭐4-step nail polisher
⭐Follows the nail shape
⭐Under-nail skimmer
⭐Cuticle pusher


✔️1 x STYLFILE Curved Buffer

How to use

1. Clean using the under-nail skimmer
2. Push using the cuticle pusher
3. Buff

Additional Information

Works great in partnershipS TYLFILE 2 Curved 3 in 1 S-Shape Nail File.

Invented with love by Tom Pellereau.

Beauty accessories invented with love