Changing the game for your makeup sponge!

The STYLPRO Squeeze cleans your sponge in 1 minute, leaving it ready to use instantly.

Before & After using the STYLPRO Squeeze:

Before & After using the STYLPRO Squeeze:

Spin your sponge until it sparkles for just £39.99

When was the last time you washed your makeup sponge?

A study at Aston University found that 93% of sponges tested had some form of organism, and 25% had human waste – yes, poo!

Makeup sponges create the perfect moist environment for bacteria to grow. They can harbour millions of bacteria, leading to acne, skin infections and even viral illnesses. It’s so important to keep your sponges clean!


The STYLPRO Squeeze is more effective than most sponge cleaning alternatives, with:

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