Why does my StylPro only have one SPINDLE?

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our inventions and make your life easier. When we first launched the StylPro it required one spindle for the small collars and another for the larger collars, this was due to the weight of large bronzer type brushes when wet. However we received a lot of feedback saying two spindles was a real faff, so we created a universal spindle. In June this new universal spindle was shipped as standard with all StylPro devices in place of the previous two spindles.

Unfortunately, when packing the most recent StylPro batch a label saying "Use me with two largest colours" was mistakenly put on the universal white spindle! The label should have said “Universal Spindle suitable for all collars". If you have a StylPro that includes only one white spindle with this label, we apologise. Please be aware that this is in fact a universal spindle for all collars.