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Stylfile S-Ped - Curved foot file and exfoliator - SAVE 25% OFF RRP £9.00

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"The curved S-Ped follows the natural contours of your feet for smooth soles and happy heels without any mess." - Tom Pellereau Gently smoothes feet Unique curved shape Traps messy shavings Handle extends reach Provides...

Stylfile Clipper - Trim without the Ping


"Never miss the bin again. The NEW! Stylfile Clipper is guaranteed* to trim without the Ping" - Tom Pellereau Unique curved overlapping blades Trim without the ping Under - nail skimmer >25 year guarantee The...

Stylfile Extra Strong - FREE P&P pack


"The NEW! Stylfile Extra Strong is perfect for the toughest of natural, acrylic or gel nails." - Tom Pellereau Curved nail file: Watching my sister file her nails, I had the idea of a curved file....

Could your feet do with a treat?

For polished feet, the S-Ped uses the same signature curve as the Stylfile in the perfect foot exfoliating tool! For toe nails there's the Clipper that's designed not to leave a mess and to 'trim without the ping' for the easiest of home pedicures.

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