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Stylfile Gel Nail Polish Remover Toe Clips


Love Gel toenail polish, but hate taking it off? NEW! Stylfile Gel Polish Remover Toe Clips make it quick and easy to remove gel from toenails, without damaging the natural nail. Say goodbye to fiddly...

Stylfile Infuse - Nail File Replacement Heads

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What is it: Replacement nail file heads for the Infuse - world’s first moisturising nail file. A nail file which dispenses almond oil to nourish cuticles and nails as you file.Why is it better: The dust from...

StylPro Makeup Brush Cleanser Solution - 150ml


What is it? 150ml bottle of deep cleaning brush cleanser and conditioner for use when cleaning non-water soluble makeup in place of anti-bacterial liquid soap and water. Why is it better? Ever tried and failed to remove long...

New from Inventor Tom. 


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