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"...I'm extremely impressed...this one is fantastic..." social media star, Sasha Malik

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Thanks so much to Sasha Malik @sashaamalik, social media star and cousin of Zayn Malik for sharing her views after she tried out StylPro for the first time. Sasha has a huge social following - over 280K on Twitter and 70K on Instagram.

She said: "I tried out my StylPro today and I am absolutely obsessed. I've come across so many gimicky brush cleaning systems in the past, however, this one is fantastic. 

"Each brush took between 15-20 seconds to clean AND dry. Usually, my brushes take up to 2 days to fully dry and be useable, which puts me off of cleaning my brushes as regularly

as I should, and I also usually find it very difficult to reshape my brushes into their original shape, but the StylPro made this so easy!

"For someone who uses a large number of makeup brushes, daily, this super easy and effective system is absolutely perfect. I'm extremely impressed and highly recommend this product. Congratulations @inventor_tom on this amazing product!"

Sasha's post is here - follower her @sashaamalik to see her beauty tips and product reviews.

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