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"StylPro has changed my life as a makeup artist. 20 second brush cleaning wet to dry!"

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We'd like to thank professional makeup artist Shonagh Scott for the great review of StylPro she has filmed for her 'Show Me Make Up' YouTube channel. Joey Bevan, Designer & Stylist, Britain's Next Top Model says Shonagh is not just a makeup artist, she is an artist who's craft is her passion.

Shonagh explains how she recently purchased the StylPro MakeUp Brush Cleaning system, and how it's changed her life as a makeup artist. "I used to spend hours cleaning my makeup brushes, and even longer waiting for them to dry. It was a mammoth task that I dreaded every few days. Well not any more!! This invention cleans your brushes in just 20 seconds from wet to dry, and ready to use straight away. The centrifugal spin technology hygienically cleans the bristles, forcing out the bacteria, dead skin cells, old makeup and dirt right from the centre of your brush to the very tips of each bristle. Thank you inventor Tom!!!"

See Shonagh's full review and demo video here




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  • Amazing. The best invention ever… I have over a hundred brushes to clean and recently diagnosed with a chronic illness this will really help as I can use this sitting down…amazing!!!!

    Marty on

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