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Stylfile Infuse Moisturising Nail File £12.99

     Stylfile Infuse Moisturising Nail File Review


This year I'm making a very conscious effort to look after my hands and nails, and I've been trialing a fair few nail files in a bid to find the 'perfect' nail file. When it comes to nail files, I am a complete and utter weirdo as I cannot stand to touch or use glass or crystal nail files, even though I know they're said to be the best files for your nails.. they make me feel physically sick - I know, I'm weird. I have tried a few Stylfile nail files over the last couple of years, and I've always liked them so I was most intrigued by their newest launch; the Stylfile Infuse - the world's first nail file with cuticle oil. 

The Stylfile Infuse is really unique as it combines the trademark curved shape of the Stylfile with specially developed almond cuticle oil to hydrate and nourish cuticles and strengthen nails. The Stylfile Infuse was created as the dust from filing your nails dries your cuticles out and almond oil is known for its nourishing and strengthening properties making it an ideal combination with the Stylfile for looking after the nails. 
       Stylfile Infuse Moisturising Nail File Review
The box comes with two nail file attachments and a handle, which each of the files click into. Each of the two file attachments are said to last up to three months, so you have six months of nail filing covered with the Stylfile Infuse. To use the file, Stylfile recommend filing from the nail edge to the nail centre, using the tougher outer side of the file to shape the nails, and then use the softer, inner side to smooth them. Once you've filed your nails, it's time to apply the oil which you do by pressing the black button once on the base of the golden handle. The oil dispenses through the holes in the white cushioned pad, so you simply remove the clear lid and massage the pad around your cuticles in circular motions and then use your fingers to rub in any remaining oil. One click of the button is enough for each hand, and it only takes less than a minute per hand.
I am really impressed with how effective the Stylfile Infuse is.. it files and buffs my nails so quickly and smoothly without damaging my nails as it's very gentle, and it makes applying cuticle oil so much quicker and easier as it's an all in one. If I'm honest, I rarely apply cuticle oil as I find it to be a little bit of a faff, but to have the oil within the file without having to use a separate bottle is a lot more fuss-free and I never neglect to apply the oil after filing when using the Stylfile Infuse. I also really like how ergonomic the design is with the handle as it makes filing my nails incredibly quick and enjoyable and less of a chore.
   Stylfile Infuse Moisturising Nail File Review
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